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FIX (sort of): install setup screen freezes

> I've got an HP 760n. It can not boot from CD, so I copied vmlinuz and
> initrd.img from isolinux into /boot and modified grub.conf.
> During the boot the mouse, card and display are correctly
> recognized.
> The problem:
> The mouse/keyboard/window freezes within the first couple of
> install setup screens. The furthest I got was entering in
> my ip address. The earliest freeze occurred when the mouse
> (as a pointer, after its an 'X') first appears.
> Any hints as to whats up?

The fix!!!! use the text mode installer, not the X-gui.

No freezing, installed fedora 2.
Rebooted machine after install.

First thing it does is puts you into a X-gui based set of windows
requiring that you add a user, etc. There is NO way to do this
in text-mode. It also starts you at run-level 5.

So now the system freezes having spent 1 hour installing it, thinking
I was cleaver because I avoided using the X-gui based install setup
screens only to find that the first boot puts one right back into
the X-gui setup system and it freezes.

Curiously, if I then turn off the machine a try again (having no
completed the initial boot setup), it starts but hangs after
printing the message:

Enable Swap space

If the turn off the machine and try again, it puts me into the X-gui
setup system, and so on; each reboot alternates between the X-gui
setup that freezes and the system hanging after printing the swap message.

So, I can install fedora 2, I just can not get past the first reboot.

My solution, re-install redhat 9.


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