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Re: [FC1] Houston, we have a problem with updated tcl/tk packages!

Am Di, den 29.06.2004 schrieb Gilbert Sebenste um 0:03:

> I see that tcl/tk has a problem whereby the current FC 1 patch will break 
> the package when you upgrade to FC2. Problem: I downgraded to the earlier 
> version, but when I run yum, it wants to install the bad update. And, if 
> there are other updates, there's no way for me to say to yum: "no, I don't 
> want the TCL/TK packages upgraded...but everything else, yes!".
> Now what? Panic? Send Alexander Dalloz 5 euros? Go run "linuxconf"?


> Ok, sorry, sorry, that last one was bad... ;-)

man yum.conf --> exclude

This hint does not cost any Euro :þ

Besides that "workaround, If there is really a problem with the update
package breaking things you should report this using bugzilla.

kind regards


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