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Re: crontab or crond

Am Di, den 29.06.2004 schrieb Cristiano Soares um 2:23:

> Hi. Thanks for the reply. Here is my situation:
> I have a server that has a HTB shaper running and my HTB scripts are called
> rc.filter and rc.filter2. The first one(rc.filter) has all ports opened, and
> the second one(rc.filter2) has the e-donkey and bittorrent ports
> closed(4661, 4661, 8668, ....). What I want to do is to run the first
> script(rc.filter) from 12:00am to 7:00pm so anyone can download and uso
> anything during that time, and run the second script(rc.filter2) from 7:01
> to 11:59(the rest of the day), so people wont kill the bandwidth at the
> point that others cant even browse. Thanks in advance.

> Cristiano

So you have 2 events. Please read "man 5 crontab" - it contains all the
information you need. Execute rc.filter at 12:00am and rc.filter2 at


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