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Re: [FC1] Houston, we have a problem with updated tcl/tk packages!

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Alexander "Free of charge, no Euros needed "Dalloz 

> Am Di, den 29.06.2004 schrieb Gilbert Sebenste um 0:03:
> > I see that tcl/tk has a problem whereby the current FC 1 patch will break 
> > the package when you upgrade to FC2. Problem: I downgraded to the earlier 
> > version, but when I run yum, it wants to install the bad update. And, if 
> > there are other updates, there's no way for me to say to yum: "no, I don't 
> > want the TCL/TK packages upgraded...but everything else, yes!".
> Besides that "workaround, If there is really a problem with the update
> package breaking things you should report this using bugzilla.

Whathas happened, apparently, is that they put out new updates...that are 
the old programs. So, they put out an earlier version back on the update 
site, so yum doesn't catch it. On the Fedora main site they have 
just the old version on there, not the new buggy version. But on 
mirror sites, they have *both* new (buggy) and old (good). That's what is 
causing the problem.

Is this worth a bugzilla, or will it go away if the mirrors start from 
"scratch" somehow when they sync up?

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