Alejandro Navarro anavarro at dinanet.net.co
Tue Jun 29 15:25:56 UTC 2004

Ok i see this info but this have a problem for me .. Other daemon in the sky
(LDAP), i need basical DHCP and MySQL integration, but if not other way :-(



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>>>>> "AN" == Alejandro Navarro <anavarro at dinanet.net.co> writes:

AN> Is there any way to force the DHCP service to not to read the 
AN> dhcp.conf file to authorize the leases, and instead to take the data 
AN> base information running in MySQL?

I think you'd have to do quite a bit of coding to make that work.
However, I do recall seeing patches to integrate ISC DHCPd and LDAP:


(beware using any of the 3.0.1 release candidates before rc14).

 - J<

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