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I was wanting to do the following partition schema on
my computer:
- Windows 98 (FAT32 f.s.)
- Windows XP (NTFS f.s.)
- Fedora Core 2 (ext3 f.s.) -> partitions to /boot, /,
and swap.
I started by creating a primary partition to 98 with
fdisk, then I installed it. After, I booted the
computer with Windows XP's CD, created another
partition with its own partition tool, and installed
it. Finally, I rebooted the computer with FC2's CD,
and created the /, /boot and sawp partitions with its
partition tool. It created the GRUB file, installed,
and since then, the system couldn't find anymore the
windows 98 and xp partitions. When I select windows in
the grub menu, the system shows an error message that
cannot find the partition. I've seen the grub.conf,
tried to config it by another way, but without
success. The strange thing is that I did it with FC1
and everything was working perfectly.



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