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Re: Fedora needs more evangelism for repositories

Michael Schwendt wrote:
What do you do if another package was prepared for and tested with the
newer version of mplayer?

Example: repo A (priority), repo B

  "libfoo 1.0"    is from repo A
  "libfoo 1.1rc2" is from repo B

  "bar" from repo A  was built and tested with libfoo 1.0 from repo A
  "baz" from repo B  was built with libfoo 1.1rc2 from repo B

You install "bar + libfoo 1.0" from repo A, the higher libfoo 1.1rc2 is
ignored due to prioritized Apt-pinning.

What happens if you want to install "baz"?

I pretty much aviod that by using priorities above 1000 which will install a package from a repository even if it is a downgrade.

I'm not sure on the semantics of upgrading and priorities below 1000. I will have to do some experiments.

Check out the apt_preferences manual page.

It's interesting that I was able to switch from mplayer from livana to mplayer from dag by changing the priority and running apt-get dist-upgrade.

Now I will have to learn how yum handles repository priorities...

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