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Re: Color coding

On Tuesday June 29, 2004 at 3:22 pm "Michael Sullivan"
<michael espersunited com> wrote:
> This is just a curiosity for me, but is there a chart somewhere online
> that says what the colors mean for different  filenames?  I know that
> regular files show up with white foreground and executable files have
> green foreground, but what does the brown background mean?


Not a chart, but you can modify /etc/DIR_COLORS.xterm (and its companion
/etc/DIR_COLORS) to display particular file types in any colors you want.

I personally prefer white-on-black Xterms and need to change some of the
settings from 00;xx to 01;xx to make them stand out a bit better against a
black background. Another personal preference is changing 05 (blinking) to
04 (underline) for orphaned symlinks:

ORPHAN 01;04;37;41  # orphaned syminks
MISSING 01;04;37;41 # ... and the files they point to

Robert G. (Doc) Savage, BSE(EE), CISSP, RHCE | Fairview Heights, IL
Fedora Core 1 kernel 2.4.22-1.2188.nptl on P-III/M IBM Thinkpad A22p
"Perfection is the enemy of good enough."
                          -- Admiral of the Fleet Sergei G. Gorshkov

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