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Re: (no subject)

Joniel Gagné-Laurin wrote:

Hi everyone,

I would like to have your help. I download Linux Fedora in CD and I burn it into 4 CD. The problem begin when I whant to install Linux. I start with the CD and the menu appear. When I press enter for the graphical intallation, it seam to read something but after, my computer restart. What can cause it? Can you help me? I have like computer this: Pentium 4 2.4ghz 800mhz bus, Asus P4P800 D Motherboard, Nvidia tnt2 m64, 512m ddr 400mhz kingston. Thank you very much for your help.

Joniel Gagné-Laurin

That's a known bug. Download the corrected image http://people.redhat.com/arjanv/asusp4p800-boot.iso to install Fedora (you'll need to boot with this image and answer the questions. When it asks which method it should use , choose cdrom and when prompted , insert the other 4 CDs you have already.)

Pedro Macedo

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