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Re: utf8 vs iso8859-1 speed/responsiveness

Ow Mun Heng wrote:

On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 12:29, William Hooper wrote:
Ow Mun Heng said:
Well... then tell me this..

how come FC2 seems(IS) slower compared to my original RH9 install. I was
using iso8859-1 then and utf8 now.
Different kernel version
Different Gnome version
Different KDE version
Different compiler used
etc., etc.

Tell me this:  Why is my apple slower than my original orange?  :-)
So.. we're going towards the bloated concept again?
Not exactly...  The issue is the input file.
In RH 9 , the input file probably was iso8859-1 and then it was processed without any conversion , as the whole system was using iso8859-1. Now in fedora , the input file has to be converted by the app to UTF8 , so this extra step means that FC will be a bit slower than a native iso8859-1 system . If the system was native UTF8 and the input file was also UTF8, it should be at least as fast as a native ISO system.

Pedro Macedo

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