The Holy Grail to SWsuspend on FC2

Ow Mun Heng Ow.Mun.Heng at
Wed Jun 30 01:29:56 UTC 2004


	I hope this is clear enough for you guys.

D600 Dell Laptop
1.4G centrino
512MB ram
520MB swap
14.1" radeon 9000
FC2 + 2.6.7-mm2 
USB/network compiled as modules

Now, bear in mind that I did _no_ fancy tweaking of any settings.

I have S4 suspend (also known as swap suspend etc) working. S3 is still
not working. Shutdown is OK, it just won't come back from the dead.

I've set the screen to _blank_ when I close the lid.

S4 Suspend is via the Fn+esc key combo

I get it to work 98% of the time. The 1 time when I don't get it to work
is when it complains of lack of swap. ( the recommended was RAM+30% and
I didn't realise that.) and when it complains about MySQL not going
down. (when I manually stop it, it's suspends OK)

Everything is done via the acpid interface, and handled by a script.

I've actually posted snippets of it in this list and I've sent out a
couple of copies of it to numerous ppl on this list as well. (off-line
of course)

Bear in mind that swap suspend will take a couple of minutes depending
on how much it has to write.


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