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Re: Looking for a big Redhat

Don Russell wrote:
On Monday 28 June 2004 17:25, Thijs wrote:

Hello All,

I'm building a dutch Fedora-website, and I would like a Redhat, the same
as the one from the Bluecurve theme(start-button), in a big format, for
on the background, but I can't find them. Even Google can't help me :(

Does somebody have  a redhat, format: As big as possible ;), but at
least 500x500px.

If all else fails, take your digital camera to your local hat shop and ask
to see what they have in the way of Fedoras... preferably red....

this solution (using your own hat, similar but not identical) is the best, it avoids the possible trademark/copyright infringement in using a Red Hat image.
you may want to vectorize the image (SVG) in order to obtain a fully scalable one (see some examples http://nicubunu.ro/clipart/svg/special/red_fedora.svg or http://nicubunu.ro/clipart/svg/special/blue_fedora.svg)

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