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Re: FC1 -> FC2: very slow xDSL connection...

Andrea Giuliano wrote/ha scritto, On/il 30/06/2004 10:47:

Dear Antonio,

as you may have seen in my last post (the one with several outputs and
log files), my MTU are the same as yours.

One output I didn't provide yet is that of "route -N". Nevertheless I
tried that command, as you suggested, but the result is just made up of
two lines, and I'm almost sure they are identical to the first and last
one of the output you provided. Previously, I saw several other lines, I
really don't know what happened to them...

Someone else suggested the problem was due to IPv6. I turned IPv6
support off, but nothing happened: everything works exactly as before
(or should I say, it doesn't work at all).

At last, I've got a sneaky suspicion that our good old friend Telecom
Italia has something to deal with this issue. Check the many lines in
the tcpdump output with "host x.x.x.x unreachable - admin prohibited
filter", and the others with "microsoft-ds". What do they mean? As
Telecom changed something so that I simply cannot access Alice this way?

I really don't know what else to try...

Best regards.

I suggest that you post the output of command route -n I am connected both at home and office with Tin.it that is not very different from Alice and I have good connection. My Ipv6 is ON on both systems and I do not suffer from any lag during websurfing.
I am surprised that you have only two lines ....I suggest to re-start from scratch to solve the problem (but not re-install of course).Some guru will help, I am sure!!!!


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