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Re: FC1 va nVidia Latest Driver

Greg Swallow wrote:

> Just want to be sure. The instructions from nVidia are not real precise
> on the point of exiting X and/or booting to something other than
> runlevel 5.
> Is the a key stroke/combination to exit X in FC2? And, to set my default
> runlevel do I only need to edit my /etc/inittab lines:
>      id:5:initdefault: (changing 5 to 3)
>      x:5:respawn:/etc/X11/prefdm -nodaemon (changing 5 to 3)

As another poster pointed out, you should only change the first line.

But this is not necessary at all. You can use the command "telinit 3" to
change to runlevel 3.

nvidia tell you to change initdefault because, if you had a broken X
configuration, it would repeatedly re-spawn and you wouldn't be able to
kill it. However, the version of X in FC disables itself after it has
failed to start a few times.
Even if it didn't, initdefault is only relevant on boot, and it's far easier
to append "3" to the boot line in GRUB rather than editing initdefault.


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