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Re: Red Hat 9 to FC2 and email

Am Mi, den 30.06.2004 schrieb Burn Alting um 14:40:

> I just installed FC2 onto my system which was running Redhat 9.0 (RH9)

> With the change to my system to FC2, I discovered that pop3 is now
> managed by the Cyrus IMAP mailer system. I worked out how to create
> their mailboxes and login via cyrus but I am at a loss to find out how
> to
> 	a. Convert their existing /var/spool/mail/xxx mailboxes
> 	to the Cyrus system and
> 	b. Given they are casual users, I want to still use
> 	fetchmail to get their mail off the ISPs' system, so
> 	how do I get any new mail into the Cyrus system

> Burn

Erase the Cyrus-IMAPd and install dovecot. Cyrus-IMAPd shouldn't be
installed during an upgrade like with a fresh new install dovecot is the
default mail server. dovecot can use the same spool directory and mbox
format as the obsolete uw-imapd.


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