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fc2 is single user?!

it appears that fc2 is now single-user.

we used to use the fc1 computer like this:
my wife and I each log in on one's own virtual console and start X with
"startx".  each has one's own X window session, and we can switch
between them with C-M-f7 and C-M-f8 (obviously, we take turns using the
monitor/keyboard, but we do not need to logout to let the other use the
computer).  I had to do some tricks to enable both of us to use
audio/video &c: I created a group "sound", added both of us to it, and
did "chgrp sound, chmod g+rw" for the audio devices. This worked OK
(although each upgrade and reboot reset ownership and permissions).

Now, only the person who was the first to log in can start X!
the other one gets the splash screen (which says FC2) but no icons ever
appear on it, it just hangs there.

So, where are these ownerships and permissions set so that I can make
my box multi-user again?

Or do I need to blindly chgrp all devices owned by users?!

Sam Steingold (http://www.podval.org/~sds) running w2k
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