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Re: Weird apt-get problem

Robert Locke said:
> The same thing has been happening to me using yum (so it is not
> exclusive to apt-get).  I had presumed that while the physical rpm had made
> it to the various mirrors, they had yet to update their "header" files,
> which is what it sounds like William is pointing out to us.

Actually no, because yum and apt don't use the same metadata.  The yum metadata is generated on the main download.fedora.redhat.com server (which 99.9% of the time means it is up to date), the apt metadata is generated by a third party (in this case Fedora.us).

> I am finding that intermittently it has been taking 24-48 hours for the
> yum "headers" to reflect the same information displayed by the rhn_applet
> on my panel.
> BTW, strace finally updated about an hour ago for me....

The rhn_applet uses the yum metadata.  Most likely you have up2date and yum configured for different servers, so you are seeing the delay in updating the mirrors.

William Hooper

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