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FC2 - Hard crash when working -> read-only fs

FC2 - 2.6.6-1.435 - Gnome - Inter P4 2Ghz


I just recovered from a hard crash as I was doing nothing special on my
computer. I managed to come back but believe me, I am still sweating !
I just need information to try to find what happened.

What I was doing : editing a file, some web surfing, evolution ,
downloading a file with Synaptic ... nothing special.

What happened : 
* Editor : Cannot save my file : Read-only fs !
* Evolution cannot save also : read-only. 
* Synaptic crash during downloading the new synaptic rpm : Read-only fs

What I did : Try to open a terminal to check mount/df/log messages -> no
terminal open.

Logout (full of nasty messages ..."Cannot save ... blablabla"


Reboot : Kernel panic.

Re-reboot : fsck error ! Have to run it manually.

I can log as root under #repair system . I can access my datas and copy
them safely in another place (other disk). No problem for this.

df showed me /, /boot and /dev/shm all with the same size include
available size, used size, etc !

I run e2fsck manually -> Some orphans and some inconsistent datas.
e2fsck OK 

Re-re-reboot : I am back now after this time a good fsck at boot.

I checked all my logs ! NOTHING ! I think this is normal if all the fs
were read-only.

If anybody had this before, or any explanations to know what happened
and make me feel better, thanks a lot... anyway, I already feel better
looking at my intact $HOME ...

I am ready to investigate but I dont know where ;-)


Philippe, Chiangmai, Thailand(e)

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