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Re: FC2 - Hard crash when working -> read-only fs

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 09:25, Philippe wrote:
> FC2 - 2.6.6-1.435 - Gnome - Inter P4 2Ghz
> Hi,
> I just recovered from a hard crash as I was doing nothing special on my
> computer. I managed to come back but believe me, I am still sweating !
> I just need information to try to find what happened.
> What I was doing : editing a file, some web surfing, evolution ,
> downloading a file with Synaptic ... nothing special.
> What happened : 
> * Editor : Cannot save my file : Read-only fs !
> * Evolution cannot save also : read-only. 
> * Synaptic crash during downloading the new synaptic rpm : Read-only fs

I can't say I can help you, but I am here to attest the fact that FC2
_may_ be a bit unstable.

On Gnome, when I try to logout/shutdown, the whole Laptop would hang. It
would need a hard-reset to bring it back up.

Yesterday, the screensaver was on, then it went off (after the
predefined time), I came back 30 min later, moved my mouse, punched a
few keys on the keyboard etc. and no response.


I too have not much clue what's happening.

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