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Re: alsa failures on 2.6.6* kernels

Brad Clawsie escribió:

i have been able to use alsa-driven utilities reliably on the stock
FC2 2.6.5 kernel, although on the recent upgrade to the 2.6.6* series
i have not been able to get any sound out of alsa-driven utilities

I have issues with alsa and the 2.6.6* series, too.
In short:
- under KDE, I have no sound if I boot a 2.6.6* kernel, and any application which is sound-related either gives no sound or hang completely (must be killed).
- under Gnome (my default), all system sounds are distorted / changed, and I experiment ramdom and _very_ frequent lock ups and freezes.

All this goes away if I reboot wit the original 2.6.5 FC2 kernel.

Your problem might or might not be related to this:
(look there for a couple of references to earlier discussions on this topic in fedora-list)

There's something broken in the 2.6.6* kernels; it affects only a few particular hardware configurations (and in different ways). Maybe it's a bunch of different problems... who knows.

Up to now, I haven't found any clue, nor any advice on how to debug this in more detail.



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