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Re: FC1 Killing processes

Am Mi, den 30.06.2004 schrieb Christo Bezuidenhout um 20:36:

> I'm running FC1 on a intel 1.7G CPU with about 700MB RAM.

> The server starts fine and runs for a while then it starts killing
> processes. This server run OK until we loaded fc1. Previously we were
> running RH9
> Where can I start looking for problems.

> Christo Bezuidenhout

Check what's eating the memory. I first would suspect the tools which
are not part of Fedora, namely MailScanner and other Perl tools. Run a
"top" and/or "ps axuwwww" to see the status of the processes.


P.S. You can leave away the disclaimer as this is a public mailing list,
even archived by other sites.

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