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Re: Help w/ LDAP

xentek development wrote:

Today i was successful in getting apache and subversion running. Apache
ended up being installed, i just need to get it to autostart as a
service on boot-up.

go to system-config-services and enable httpd (or use the good and old chkconfig)

However, I have still yet to get php working with apache. but i will
save that for another day.

That's weird... I have apache running here and the only things I had to change were related to the directories I wanted use as base directories...
PHP was installed and is working (at least php_info() returns the info page)

I am interested in getting LDAP set up. I would like to consolidate my
address book, for both my windows and linux clients into an LDAP
directory. However, I am a bit lost at getting it installed / configured
/ and running. I have found openldap directories scatterd about my
system... and when reviewing the documentation there was a mention of
adding config options to a sldap.conf file. only l file similiar was
found and that was ldap.conf

Any help on getting openldap working on my fedora core 2 system would be
much appreciated.
Well, ldap is a difficult subject.. I only started to understand it a bit when I read the ldap book published by O"reilly... If you have the change to get this book , do it.. it's focused on openldap and gives details on how to configure not only authentication , but also mail , web , ftp and radius with ldap.

This is what has me in a bit of a quandary... so far the things that the
o/s install said got installed with it are either not fully installed or
configured. I understand that it is up to me to get it configured, and
all of that, however, when doing a which or find for the actual program,
nothing is returned. even broader searches of the system find no mention
of the files even existing on my system (case in point... when looking
for the subversion install... searches for subversion, svn, or svnadmin
pulled back nothing... which had me install it from the RPMs linked to
from the subversion site).

Is this a clean install or a upgrade? I never got a upgrade working perfectly....

Pedro Macedo

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