Dual Boot Installation

Edwin Humphries edwin at ironstone.com.au
Sun May 2 22:48:03 UTC 2004

G'day all,

I'm installing fedora on a windows XP computer: it has a 40Gb 
partition: 13Gb NTFS windows system partition, 102 boot Linux 
partition, 11.9 Gb Linux root partition, 957 Mb Linux swap partition, 
and 2 Fat32 shared data partitions.

I've been consistently getting 2 errors:

1.	When partitioning, I get a "boot partition /boot may not meet 
booting constraints of your system for you architecture".

2.   when installing packages (at random stages): "There was an error 
installing [package]. This can indicate media failure, lack of disk 
space, and/or hardware problems. This is a fatal error and your 
install will be aborted. Please verify your media and try your 
install again. Press the OK button to reboot your system." The media 
has checked out fine.

To try and resolve this problem, I've tried:

1.   Installing off CD with "linux allowcddma" - same problem

2.   Installing off CD with "linux ide=nodma" - same problem

3.   Installing off newly burned CDs - same problem

4.   Installing via local FTP from previously downloaded ISOs - same 

5.   Installing via local FTP from rpms extracted from previously 
downloded ISOs - same problem

6.   Installing via local from newly re-downloaded rpms - same 

I'm fresh out of ideas - does anyone have any suggestions? :-/

Edwin Humphries,
Ironstone Technology Pty Ltd
edwin at ironstone.com.au
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