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Mon May 3 12:46:34 UTC 2004

Am Mo, den 03.05.2004 schrieb Charles Howse um 11:22:

> First, I have 2 gpg keys out for my email address on 
> I've lost the revocation cert for the older key, so I suppose I can't get rid 
> of it...?

I may be corrected, but I think all you need is to remember the
passphrase of the key you want to revoke. See i.e.

> Second, what is the accepted way of making it easy for someone reading my 
> signed email to import my key from the keyserver?
> Should I post the fingerprint or id in my sig?

In my opinion that would be helpful. People using GPG/PGP should then be
able to locate your public key on the keyserver and import it to the own
keyring for verification. And of course, the recommended way to publish
your public key is to put in on the keyserver.

> Charles Howse


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