Old farts and new Linux

david david at daku.org
Mon May 3 19:43:51 UTC 2004

OK   ... My turn

In 1958, I graduated from a Marchand (sp?) 100-key calculator to an IBM-650 
to help me finish a physics lab data reduction. They had just retired the 
Card-Punch Calculator (IBM 605, I think).  I wrote in BLISS (Anyone 
remember that), and o-so-well recall the +70 1951 9999 setting, and all 
that board-wiring.  Thence, on to a Datatron 220, IBM-709/7090 and 1401, 
dabbled with some PDP's and Tandem Non-Stops.  I've been running Linux at 
home for my gateway for the past 4 years.  It's a lot of fun.

The 12-punch made the card a "loader".

David Kurn

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