Correct way to mount Win2k3 shares with Samba?

Jeremy Brown jeremy at
Tue May 4 03:07:45 UTC 2004

me at wrote:

>I'm having a bear of a time doing this. All I want to do is to write to some Win2k3 SMB shares.
>Anyone done this yet? I can't figure out how to do this.
I can never remember the exact required options for mount, so I always 
just type "smbmount" at a root prompt and go from there:

[root at ssh root]# smbmount
Usage: mount.smbfs service mountpoint [-o options,...]
Version 2.2.7a-security-rollup-fix

      username=<arg>                  SMB username
      password=<arg>                  SMB password
      credentials=<filename>          file with username/password
      netbiosname=<arg>               source NetBIOS name
      uid=<arg>                       mount uid or username
      gid=<arg>                       mount gid or groupname
      port=<arg>                      remote SMB port number
      fmask=<arg>                     file umask
      dmask=<arg>                     directory umask
      debug=<arg>                     debug level
      ip=<arg>                        destination host or IP address
      workgroup=<arg>                 workgroup on destination
      sockopt=<arg>                   TCP socket options
      scope=<arg>                     NetBIOS scope
      iocharset=<arg>                 Linux charset (iso8859-1, utf8)
      codepage=<arg>                  server codepage (cp850)
      ttl=<arg>                       dircache time to live
      guest                           don't prompt for a password
      ro                              mount read-only
      rw                              mount read-write

This command is designed to be run from within /bin/mount by giving
the option '-t smbfs'. For example:
  mount -t smbfs -o username=tridge,password=foobar //fjall/test /data/test

So something like:

UNIX> mount -t smbfs username=bob,password=bob,ip= 
//bob/shared1 /mnt/bob

would attempt to connect to the Windows file host 
(presumably named "bob"), and would try to mount the "shared1" resource 
at "/mnt/bob" with credentials bob:bob.

Hope this helps.  If not, I may have misunderstood your question...maybe 
post with more details, or an error message, or ?


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