Old farts and new Linux

John Nichel john at kegworks.com
Tue May 4 20:46:12 UTC 2004

Neil Chr wrote:
> I know this is off topic but it would be intersting to
> know how many women are on this list .. young or
> old..... (I would never call  a woman a old fart).. 
> I have been encouraging people young and old to get on
> the linux movement on the island (trinidad) and its
> been hard.
> my sister was showing some potential but she needs MS
> Access for work and she doesnt want to battle with the
> steepish learning curve required with Linux
> neil

I've got my sister running Linux (Red Hat 9).  All she really does is 
surf the web, check email, and chat.  Lately she's started using GNUCash 
for her checking account, and likes it.  She was tired of having to get 
me to come over and fix her Windoze box everytime she got a virus, or 
something crashed.  It's been a bit over a year now, and she can even 
install from RPM's (next I teach her how to compile *L*)

John C. Nichel
john at kegworks.com

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