recommending reiserfs?

Randy Kelsoe randykel at
Fri May 7 02:00:25 UTC 2004

John Thompson wrote:

>>You should never run fsck on an XFS filesystem. XFS has xfs_repair, 
>>which will try and repair corruption.
>Running fsck on an xfs filesystem shouldn't cause any problems.  fsck
>will simply call fsck.xfs, which is functionally identical to the "true"
>program (ie, "do nothing, successfully").  See "man fsck.xfs" for
So what's the point? According to the original poster (Ow), he ran fsck 
and it deleted a directory. It sounds like it DID do something; 
something negative. If you have a problem with an XFS filesys, the 
correct tool is xfs_repair. There is also xfs_check, which only checks 
for problems, and takes longer than xfs_repair, which fixes the 
problem.  ;-)

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