Old farts and new Linux (was: new FC1 install problems)

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sat May 8 06:10:59 UTC 2004

On Friday 07 May 2004 21:10, Bill Diamond wrote:
>On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 11:00, Steve Searle wrote:
>> Around 03:44pm on Monday, May 03, 2004 (UK time), duncan brown 
>> > and i don't mean to insult you in anyway, but... i wonder who's
>> > the oldest computer literate linux user out there?  i sort of
>> > have the mentality of the hippies back in the 60s/70s, don't
>> > trust anyone over 30 =] ... it's hard for me to believe that
>> > someone over 30 uses linux personally, once you're over 30 you
>> > have to start thinking more like a manager =]... then again, i'm
>> > almost over that line, but i don't feel like i'm that close =]
>> Well I'm 43 and have 5 PCs/Servers in my study running Gnu/Linux. 
>> I started as a trainee programmer on a Honeywell maiunframe in
>> '79.
>> And I know there are plenty older and more skilled than me.
>> Cheers
>> Steve
>Ditto. I'm pushing 44,

Smart-alecky kid :-)

>and I have three Linux servers and two 
> WinPCs.
>Please, sonny.  We grandpappys were programming Unix before you were
>even conceived of.    Hell, I was programming Bell Version 3 back in

AND I was doing machine code on an rca 1802 board in 77.  That app ran 
continuously at that tv station for at least the next 12 years.  It 
cut one generation out of the dubbing/editing process to make a 
commercial, and that was worth its weight in sliced bread, instant 
sex and bottled beer combined with the tape technology available 

>So, y'all hush up now and respect your elders :-)

Mind yur elders, Yessir :-)

Cheers, Gene
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