pango vs fedora core 1, gtk afu because pango afu!

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Sun May 9 14:11:54 UTC 2004


Will the pango packager please note:

I just got done with finally fixing pango to run correctly, by hand 
generating a .pangorc file in my root dir.  This has apparently been 
the problem all along & I refused to believe it could be the real 
problem because there are no .pangorc files in either of the 
pango-1.2 rpms.

This has been very frustrating to me for the last month.  Either the 
installer should see to it this file is generated by whatever means 
is normally used to generate it, or it should be included in the rpm 

This is why, even after probably 20+ reinstalls from the cd's rpms, I 
still couldn't make a lot of gtk stuff work, and why you've all been 
the recipients of my nearly constant mewling about broken gtk 

Cheers, Gene
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