Need help (of course) setting up network

Shelagh Manton oneida at
Mon May 10 10:12:07 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 18:38, Shelagh Manton wrote:

> > 
> > Also, after reinstalling FC1 (yet) again, I did notice some more information and another gui for configuring samba. 
> I used Gnome this time and the network configuration guis seem easier to
> find. But I think I didn't have this last time at all. (I certainly
> searched the KDE desktop desperately for something like this. So maybe I
> have been more successful. I will let you know as soon as can. I will do
> the commands again though and send them on.
> Shelagh
> > -- 
I changed my IP address like you suggested. It may have helped. I cannot
get LISa to work not nohow. So I had another go with SMB4K and lo and
behold the other two computers show up! However I can't access anything
on them as it tells me 'smbmount must be installed suid root for direct
user mounts (500,500) smb failed: 1'

Ha ha! Tried through the browser with smb://whatever in the location
thingy and success. I feel like I've performed a magic trick.

However, Kellen can't access the internet yet from his WinXP machine. So
I still need to sort something out. Does this deserve a different
thread? And should I still send the results of those commands for
inspection of possible stupid settings?

> > 

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