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Mon May 10 18:24:45 UTC 2004

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Keven Ring wrote:
| John Fleming wrote:
|> Starting to regret I started this...  ;-)  Incredibly OT now.
|> I know about the WIN stuff - If you have to use Windows, you should
|> try to
|> find a free copy of Printkey2000 - really "enables" the Print key to be a
|> whole more intuitive and useful.
| Actually, I would take this as an argument [albeit minor] for convincing
| people to actually switch.  Many of the complaints about switching to
| linux revolve around "limited application availability".  The points
| here are
| 1) What MS provided was crap [an effectively non-functioning
| Print-Screen button]
| 2) 3rd Party software [possibly not Free [as in speech -or- beer]] need
| be installed to make the system "useful"
| 3) It works as expected *Right out of the box* in Linux, and is
| typically *mostly compatible*(1) with the way similar functions are
| performed in Windows Land.
| The fact that we are talking about a rather insignificant button on a
| keyboard isn't the point - the general truth is [IMO] pervasive
| throughout the MS World.
| (1)  Not to be confused with "Mostly Harmless"

Keven Ring,

I don't think anyone on this list really needs convincing...


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