How stable is fedora?

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Mon May 10 22:13:10 UTC 2004

> From: McKeever Chris <tech-mail at>
> Subject: How stable is fedora?

> I know this topic has come up before, especially when FEDORA was first
> introduced, but now after months of implementing, tweaking and
> CORE2, how secure and stable is FEDORA??

Hmm, this may depend on how you're defining "stable" (and maybe "is" :P).
As far as stability of the software itself -- how well it's patched and how
well integrated are the packages -- I'd definitely give it high marks.
Everything works well together. Package management, once you've properly
configured your repositories, is a breeze. Security is another matter. I don't
mean to be critical of the question, but security is largely how you configure
it. A generic server installation is pretty secure, but there are many patches
available. You will need to patch and configure various things before putting
a Fedora box online (but the same can be said for every other distro and OS).

If by "stability" you're talking of the distribution, then that's another
matter too. From the product roadmap you have a definite period of support.
Having a strict date is a good thing, even if the (approximate) 6-month period
is short (and probably too short for corporate deployment). But as with any
Linux, you can always pull down sources from the original site (versus the
Fedora modified versions) and rebuild so you're not left in the cold.

> Currently, we are running RH7.3 for almost everything from mail to DNS to
> samba domain control.   Can Fedora be implemented in its place
> and provide an environment that can be dependable?

Works fine for me, but I tend to refresh boxes on a yearly basis. Probably not
perfect for a production environment.
> if the answer is unfortunately NO, what other are the more highly recommended
> distros

The RH commercial offerings have longer support cycles. Or you could use
Debian; many of these boxes haven't been upgraded since the 2.2 kernels or
earlier and are still up-to-date in regard to package versions.

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