How stable is fedora?

Jack Bowling jbinpg at
Tue May 11 06:36:55 UTC 2004

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 10:12:15PM +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> McKeever Chris wrote:
> > I know this topic has come up before, especially when FEDORA was first
> > introduced, but now after months of implementing, tweaking and CORE2, how
> > secure and stable is FEDORA??
> I find the use of the term "stable" today rather odd.
> All distributions of Linux are completely stable, in my experience,
> as is Windows-2000 and Windows-XP.

Oh, please. I can bring XP to its knees just by opening JPGs for 30
minutes. Its VM sucks rocks. Linux is light years beyond anything MS has

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