Auto Power on [was RE: Auto shutdown]

Robert Achmann robertachmann at
Wed May 12 11:13:48 UTC 2004

WOL, etc , yes, but Dell Optiplex GXnnn systems have BIOS timers to wake
up... too bad their servers don't have that ability.

Robert Achmann

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Polashek, Matthew wrote:

> Is there a reverse command for this?  i.e. auto powerup?

No - think about it. Linux needs to be running to give it a command and 
if it is shut down, there is no Linux.

Only way I can think of is WOL, WOM, or if you have a decent UPS 
attached, you maybe able to do some power timing with that, or maybe 
even a wall mains timer or something like that. Or CeBUS.

These are all to turn the PC on, which in turn fires up Linux if the 
BIOS is configured right.

Other than that, no.


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