Why Would Fedora be Free ? Can it be Trusted?

Chalonec Roger Chalonec.Roger at pbgc.gov
Wed May 12 14:35:55 UTC 2004

No, I will check it out for sure.

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Chalonec Roger wrote:
> All,
> I am looking at using Fedora at my work and some people are asking the

> following questions or have the following concerns that I did not know

> how to answer:
> 1.  Why is fedora free and why would people work on it for free? 2.  
> Some people are concerned that since Fedora is open source that they 
> don't know where the software comes from so they can't trust it.  How 
> can they trust it? 3.  How are updates to Fedora vetted and accepted?
> 4.  Does Redhat have any involvement with Fedora?
> 5.  Does Redhat use the same processes in "controlling" fedora quality
> and releases as it did the free versions of Redhat?
> 6. Ostensibly Redhat offered free versions of Redhat Linux because
> could make a profit on support.  Now Redhat has built a market and
> Redhat is no longer free.  What is the profit motivation of the Fedora
> group and persons/orgs who make software contributions to it?  (By the
> way, there is nothing wrong with profit.)
> Thanks,
> Roger
I usually don't try to be a jerk on the list, and I hope this isn't 
taken as such.


says it all.  read it.


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