IBM 300pl, install yarrow.

Marcel Franke Marcel.Franke at
Thu May 13 15:18:05 UTC 2004


downloaded: yarrow-i386-disc1.iso
burned cd disc1

pc: IBM 300pl
System startup, reading cd : nothing happens

Tested the cd disc1 in another type of pc : ok, install window

Tested an "old" Linux install cd on the IBM 300pl : ok, install window

Bootfloppy: downloaded bootdisk.img 
put it on a floppy with rawwrite,
floppy in IBM 300pl,
system startup, reading floppy : SYSLINUX 2.06 2003-08-22 Boot failed

Is it impossible to install the latest redhat on an IBM 300pl, or...???

Thanks in advance,
(Not bothered with much Linux experience.)

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