Check a website uptime?

Hans Scheffers hans at
Thu May 13 20:45:47 UTC 2004

You could try nagios... It is made for these things
With mrtg you can make your own 'scripts' to monitor 
You can write your owb scripts using ping.... A.s.o. ;-)

Hans Scheffers

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Onderwerp: Check a website uptime?


I would like to find a tool which could monitor one or more websites to
check their uptime... and cross the data with the one provided by my web
hosting company...

I am 24/24h connected to Internet with my server (except reboot time)
and I would find very convenient to have an app that could do check
every min the hosts and log all the information in a DB, to generate
graphs etc...

Do you know if such thing exists? or at least it there is a way to do

Thanks in advance
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