GAG and Fedora

David Tucker david at
Fri May 14 09:10:29 UTC 2004

I've just installed Fedora Core 2 test3 on the advice of a friend of mine
having mainly been a Windows and FreeBSD user for the past few years.

The installation went great but I cannot get Fedora to boot using GAG
( which I currently use to dual boot XP and
FreeBSD. I have XP on my primary hard drive which I partitioned for the
Fedora install and BSD on my slave drive. GAG is seeing 3 extra partitions
on my primary drive 2 of which is recognises as having a linux file system
and one that is blank. I have tried booting off all three without any luck.
Does anyone have any pointers? XP and BSD are still booting fine so I would
prefer to carry on using GAG if possible.

David Tucker

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