single linux box on dsl?

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Fri May 14 13:12:21 UTC 2004

Benjamin J. Weiss said:
> I'm curious why anybody would want to do X forwarding when it seems to me
> that VNC would be faster and easier, not to mention more robust (if the
> network connection dies, the session is still there on the server, waiting
> for me).
> Am I missing something?  Is X forwarding better than VNC in some way?

It just depends on what you use it for.  I have one headless box that is
only used to run a server (Qcast tuner, but that isn't important).  VNC is
installed on it because the server requires a GUI.  I have another
headless box, running other servers, that I don't generally use VNC on.  I
don't need the feature of persistent sessions (that's what screen is for
:-) and I very seldom use anything GUI on it.  Given the option of
starting a VNC session and waiting for GNOME to start or just typing
"redhat-config-users" into the SSH window I usually use is a no-brainer.

William Hooper

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