KDE 3.2.1: App start in same workspace?

Atul Chitnis achitnis at exocore.com
Sat May 15 05:27:19 UTC 2004

Here is something that has been driving me batty, and I wonder if anyone 
knows of a fix:

I have 4 workspaces defined for my KDE 3.2.1 desktop, running on FC1.

Let's say I am on Worspace 2, and start Firefox. The load begins, and I
switch to another workspace, say workspace 1, where I was doing something

Under KDE 3.2, doing this would result in Firefox eventually starting up 
in the workspace where I was when I hit the icon.

Under KDE 3.2.1, it results in Firefox coming up in whatever workspace I
am at the moment that the window for Firefox is created - in this case 
Workspace 1.

I prefer the former functionality. Is here any setting for this, something 
that tells KDE 3.2.1 that the window for the app I start should be created 
in the workspace where I started the app, and not in the worspace I am in 
when the window is created?



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