Which Linux to use

Rod Haper rhaper at houston.rr.com
Sat May 15 17:55:25 UTC 2004

Srinivasan S wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an old 486 PC with Windoze 95 .. 
> rather than throw it away I want to install Linux and give it to my daughter for education ...
> Can I install Fedora ?  What is the best linux to install on a 486 PC/540 MB Hard disk/32 MB RAM ?
> All help is appreciated
> Regards
> Srini

You can get DSL (Damn Small Linux) to run on your hardware.  Here's a 
link to an account of it running on similar hardware:


The problem is that your daughter (and you) will have to deal with a 
pretty Spartan user environment.  You could also try other liveCD based 
distros (<http://www.frozentech.com/content/livecd.php>) but I doubt you 
will be able to find anything much better than DSL given your hardware 


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