Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Mon May 17 16:38:45 UTC 2004

John Nichel said:
> William Hooper wrote:
>> John Nichel said:
>>>Not to mention this warning on PHP's site....
>>>"Do not use Apache 2.0 and PHP in a production environment neither on
>>>Unix nor on Windows."
>>>This isn't what I would call FUD, "by some members of the PHP
>>> community".
>> It is what I would call FUD, because the server that is serving it is
>> running Apache 2 and PHP in a production environment:
>> [whooper at token whooper]$ HEAD
> That's a mirror.  ie Not the website run by the creators and maintainers
> of the PHP language....

Yep, that's the mirror you used.  So I guess their mirrors aren't

> Do you think it's some great conspiracy by the PHP people to keep you
> away from Apache2?  Like they have something to gain?

No, I think they are being hypocritical.

William Hooper

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