sendmail milter for fc1?

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at
Mon May 17 16:43:23 UTC 2004

Am Mo, den 17.05.2004 schrieb hongwei at um 18:30:

> When I try to install some virus/spam-scan packages on fc1 system, I
> found that many packages requires sendmail with milter supported.  My fc1 
> has sendmail installed, but I don't know if it supports milter.   Does
> sendmail in fc1 have milter supported?  If yes, How to know it?  If no,
> is there any way to install it? where to get it? or it is an option in
> sendmail's setting?

> Hongwei Li

Sure it has! Run

sendmail -bt -d0.9 < /dev/null

and in the compiled with section you will see MILTER.

To use the milter interface you need to run a milter application and of
course will have to edit the sendmailmc so that Sendmail knows about the
milter application. For instance see

on how to configure a milter with the example of clamav-milter.


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