sendmail milter for fc1?

Mike Rambour mikey at
Mon May 17 17:50:29 UTC 2004

>Spam and virus scanning is pretty trivial using the postfix system, many
>great howtos on it and soon to be a very good rpm based instruction set
>starting from the ground up.

  Good because after a week of frustration, I finally turned on the machine 
with no SPAM checking, I read everything I could find.  All I wanted was 
SpamAssassin to check all incoming system wide e-mails and throw SPAM away 
or put it in a folder but throw away was fine.  I could make it work for a 
individual user if they checked mail locally using Pine or Elm but my users 
check mail with either POP or Webmail.  Looking forward to a ground up 
instruction set.


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