Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

John Nichel john at
Mon May 17 19:50:38 UTC 2004

William Hooper wrote:
> John Nichel said:
>>William Hooper wrote:
>>>Maybe I should sent them a mail suggesting they update their warning:
>>>"Don't use Apache 2 with PHP.  It's not ready for production use, just
>>>good enough for mirroring our content."
>>So you think the PHP people should force their mirror sites to use what
>>they want them to use?  If I run a Microsoft/IIS box, should I not be
>>allowed to mirror the site?
> It has nothing to do with forcing anyone to run anything.  It is evidence
> that Apache 2 and PHP work just fine in a production environment.  Had
> there been a warning against using a Microsoft web server while part of
> the official mirror pool is running IIS then it would be just as bad.

No, they don't work just fine.  Maybe in your production enviroment, or 
in the mirror's production enviroment they work just fine, but not in 
all enviroments.  Like I've stated, the problem isn't with PHP vs. 
Apache 2 per se, the problem is with Apache 2's multi-threading and 
third party modules included with PHP.  You (and the mirrors) may not be 
using one of the modules that have problems.  With PHP being user 
configurable to include/remove so many different modules, you may have a 
base install working fine on one box, but then you want to play around 
with the gd libraries, so you configure PHP with gd, and all of a 
sudden, Apache 2 starts barffing.  That's the whole point to what you 
quoted from Rasmus' email.

"As for whether your particular install will work?  I have no idea. 
Maybe, maybe not.  And if weird things happen chances are we won't be 
able to help you fix it.  That's the essence of our reccomendation to 
stick with the Apache1 codebase we know well until such a time that 
Apache2 actually delivers substantial enough features to warrant the 
effort it is going to take to hammer it into a production-quality 

Each install can be vastly different.  So just because one install of 
Apache 2 and PHP is working fine, doesn't mean all of them are. 
'essence of our reccomendation'  I still fail to see any FUD.

John C. Nichel
john at

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