sendmail milter for fc1?

Aaron P. Martinez ml at
Tue May 18 03:18:44 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 12:54, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Mo, den 17.05.2004 schrieb Aaron P. Martinez um 19:38:
> > Sounds like you're not that familiar with sendmail, and that's a good
> > thing.  I'd suggest getting a better MTA to begin with, Postfix is my
> > choice, but i know a lot that swear by qmail and or exim.
> > Aaron
> Aaron,
> such an answer is not much productive. For nearly each software you can
> have an alternate. But opinions about what's best fitting depends. You
> like Postfix, fine. Others like to run Sendmail, fine too. The OP had a
> specific question and did not ask if someone likes something else
> better. As long as you can not warn about security flaws you only end up
> in a "holy war".

I appreciate the concerns about the holy war, it wasn't my intention.  I
understood that Hongwei wasn't familiar with sendmail, not that he liked
it.  I was simply offereing SOME, not just postfix, suggestions.  and postfix and qmail are superior, at least from all that i've
read, from a security standpoint.

Don't get me wrong..not trying to be confrontational, i think you
misunderstood my objective.  I was simply letting him know that he does
have other options than using sendmail w/milter interface.

> Alexander


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