FC2 BitTorrent URL's

Scott Burns scott at mirrabooka.com
Tue May 18 05:56:26 UTC 2004

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

> At 22:21 5/17/2004, Scott Burns wrote:
>> Let's see if I understand: I download one file by bt, and other 
>> people can connect to 6881 on my machine to download from me.  I 
>> start a second simultaneous bt download of another file.  Others can 
>> now connect to me on port 6882 to download the second file from me?
>> This strikes me as slightly loopy given http seems to be able to 
>> serve many files using just one open port...
> The BitTorrent client keeps the connection open, so it ties up the 
> port; Apache serves up lots of files, one at a time, and closes the 
> connections so lots of clients are able to keep up with one port. If 
> you are downloading *one* torrent, then the first remote BT client 
> that connects to you to share that torrent will take port 6881 and 
> keep it open for itself, the second will take 6882 and keep it, etc. 
> Only if the first client disconnects will port 6881 be freed for 
> another client to connect.
> Make more sense that way?
I'm pretty sure this is not how TCP/IP works.  If it was, only one 
person would be able to telnet/ftp/ssh/whatever into a machine at once.  
It would also mean that only one person would be able to connect to each 
remote torrent client at a time.

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