what's the best way to go FC2T3->FC2

John Aegard johnzo at sff.net
Tue May 18 07:17:09 UTC 2004

I've got a working FC2T3 installation going here.  I've yum 
updated it against the development repository, so I figure I'm on 
the very tip of that repository.

This upgraded my /etc/yum.conf to use the fedora base
repositories, but my $releasever is still set to 1.92, so I get
404 errors when I try any yum transactions.

So, what should I do to go to real FC2?  Install from FC2 CD's?  
Manually set my releasever to 2?  Yum update against the
development tree when FC2 is released?  I'm not sure...

Pardon me if this is an FAQ, but I've googled around and not 
found the answer.



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