bittorrent dl - still slow, does it pick up?

Jim Cornette jim-cornette at
Wed May 19 01:14:44 UTC 2004

I was testing bittorrent out with test3's torrent yesterday and was 
getting over 300 kb/s dowloading and maintaining about a 25 kb/s uplink.

Now with trying to get the official FC2 from the duke torrent, I am only 
getting 26 kb/s downloading and maintaining about 45 kb/s upload speed.

Does this speed increase eventually? This is the first time that I tried 
out the bittorrent concept.

Presently 270 mb downloaded and 550 mb uploaded to others.

Test message also, I just re-enabled mail to fedora-list,


Good day to deal with people in high places; particularly lonely stewardesses.

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